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Mediterrania Capital Partners' portfolio companies up 25% in growth

Written by Frédéric Dubessy on Thursday, February 27th 2020 à 09:41 | Read 255 times

Albert Alsina, CEO of Mediterrania Capital Partners aims at long-term growth for the companies in his funds (photo: Mediterrania Capital Partners)
Albert Alsina, CEO of Mediterrania Capital Partners aims at long-term growth for the companies in his funds (photo: Mediterrania Capital Partners)
MEDITERRANEAN. Private equity firm Mediterrania Capital Partners has announced a 25% annual Ebitda (gross operating surplus) growth rate for the companies in its two funds in 2019 compared to 2018, representing over €1bn in aggregate annual revenues.

Specialising in growth investments in smes and mid-caps in North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, its MC II fund, active since 2015, has eight holdings* and its MC III fund, launched in 2017, has five**.

"We are really pleased with the performance of our portfolio in 2019. With the successful implementation of our value creation model, we continue to help MC II and MC III companies grow and expand their operations in a sustainable manner, setting the foundation for long-term growth," comments Albert Alsina, founder and CEO of Mediterrania Capital Partners.

In October 2019, he reported on the 69% revenue growth of the four companies in his MC III fund (TGCC, Cairo Scan, Cofina Group and Aziza) at the end of September 2019.

The private equity firm has offices in Barcelona, Casablanca, Tunis, Algiers and Malta.

* Cash Plus (money transfer in Morocco), CECI (production of truck bodies, assembly of trucks and buses in Morocco), Cieptal Cars (long-term vehicle rental and provision of drivers in Algeria), Groupe scolaire René Descartes (private educational institution in Tunisia), Indigo Company (distributor of twelve major clothing brands including Jennyfer and Inditex), Medtech Group (IT systems integrator in Morocco), Randa (Tunisian pasta production and distribution company), Université privée de Marrakech (Morocco and Senegal).

** Akdital Holding (group of 5 clinics in the Greater Casablanca area in Morocco), Aziza (Tunisian supermarket chain), Cairo Scan (medical imaging, diagnosis and intervention services in Cairo and Giza in Egypt), Groupe Cofina (mesofinance company in Central and West Africa) and TGCC (general contractor for construction and works in Morocco and Sub-Saharan Africa).


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