Medener - Energy transition

Towards an accelerated energy transition in Mediterranean region - 07/19/2016

At the half-way point between COP21 in Paris and COP22 in Marrakesh, and two months from MedCOP Climate in Tangiers, the 4th MEDENER Conference held in Algiers on 25th May, 2016, marked out the route to be followed for the Mediterranean to engage in energy transition.

Natural gas – An ally in energy transition - 07/19/2016

"With gas, our energy transition will be a success. Without it, we will fail !" warns Abdelmajid Attar, vice-president of the Algerian Gas Industry...

The ideal 2040 scenario would see a 30% reduction in demand for primary energy - 07/19/2016

The report on energy transition in the Mediterranean in 2040, published by the MEDENER and the OME with support from the ADEME, highlights the gap between the inertia and transition scenarios. A combination of energy efficiency and energy transition would increase the share of renewable energies in the region's energy mix to 27%.

"Concerted efforts are still required" - 07/19/2016

Jorge Borrego, deputy secretary-general for energy and climate action at the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM)

The Algiers Declaration - 07/19/2016

At the close of the 4th MEDENER International Conference in Algiers, the participants issued a declaration in which they: Recognize the urgent need...


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