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Med NC, a new chance for Mediterranean women

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With the support of the Secretariat of the UfM

The New Chance Mediterranean Network (Med NC) is building on the sucess of the Second Chance Schools in Marseille and across France. It allows young women in particular to benefit from personalised pathways support, to escape their exclusion from the labour market.

Med NC consists in the development of network of Nouvelle Chance accredited centers designed to increase the employability of young Mediterraneans. Photo Med NC
Med NC consists in the development of network of Nouvelle Chance accredited centers designed to increase the employability of young Mediterraneans. Photo Med NC
According to the International Labour Organisation, only 15% of Algerian, 25% of Tunisian and 27% of Moroccan women are employed.
The women who are “not in education, employment or training”, “NEETs”, represents a major challenge but also a potential source of opportunities. Strongly inspired by the know-how it gained from the French network of Second Chance Schools (E2C), which began in Marseille, Med NC is transfering the experience to Morocco and Tunisia to offer young people in the region the chance for a new start in life. Med NC, labelled by the Union for the Mediterranean, offers young Mediterranean women, in particular, a way out of exclusion by allowing them to find a job after upgrading their skills and giving them personalised support including work experience placements.

The Mission Locale de Marseille (note:local youth employment association) directed me towards the Second Chance School in Marseille. I began with some training in core subjects and then I had the chance to complete three different nine-month internships in hospitals” explains Delphine Crespo (26 years old), medical secretary at the new Hôpital Européen de Marseille since late 2013.
Five years earlier, she had given up after failing her Professional Baccalaureate in secretarial skills, and moved from one precarious job to another without having any real prospects for the future. Now, thanks to her permanent contract, this young woman has been able to take her driving test and rent her own apartment. She says she is “happy to have earned her independence.”

Exchange of know-how

Launched in 2013, the Mediterranean Med NC network harnesses the experience of the French network. It already involves five training centres in Morocco, promoted by the Office Chérifien des Phosphates (OCP), where 54 % of the students are women. In Tunisia the initiative was started by volunteer teachers from ISCAE (the Higher Institute of Accounting and Business Administration) in January 2015. It targets unemployed ISCAE graduates and out of twenty-two students on the scheme, nineteen are women. “We hope to find an organisation to support the extension of the scheme to Algeria. We also have contacts in Egypt, through the governor of Alexandria”, explains Anis Saïdi, Med NC programme manager.

By the end of 2016, the programme will benefit 1500 young people including 60 % women.

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