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BCL creates new innovations between the Balearics and the Iberian peninsular - 05/23/2014

Balear Container Lines aims to establish itself by proposing a new “made to measure” logistics model

Grimaldi Lines' Just In Time (JIT) strategy - 05/23/2014

Grimaldi Lines is focusing heavily on the development of its ro-ro services from Spain since this mode of transport enables regular services that are better adapted to its freight customers' Just in Time strategy. The shipping company is preparing for a rise in demand from its two home ports of Barcelona and Valencia, particularly if Spanish exports remain strong. Interview with Mario Masserotti, Adviser Representative of Grimaldi Group in Spain.

“We hope to be given the same berthing priority as ships flying the Algerian flag” - 05/23/2014

Like other operators working in Algeria, Amal Louis, Line Manager of Marfret's North Africa services, hopes for recognition of the shipping company's regular Ro-Ro services. The shipping company believes that the use of trailers has not been fully exploited in Algeria due to the difficulties of port passage and the country's weak exports.

Marseille looking for the wind - 05/23/2014

The historic port for maritime connections with the Maghreb, Marseille has been experiencing a steady fall in roll-on/roll-off (Ro-Ro) traffic which was further exacerbated in 2013. The actors of the port of Marseille Fos however believe there will be a recovery.

Tanger Med redraws the map - 05/23/2014

The building of the Tanger Med port might seem to have had little impact on ferry traffic to Morocco. However, even if the number of vessels passing through the new facility remains limited, the port's potential for Ro-Ro traffic competes with the port of Casablanca.
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