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The  (version française : journal is published by SAS, a simplified joint-stock Company with capital of 99,000 euro, registered with the Marseille Registry of Commerce and Companies under number RCS Marseille 515 225 621.

SAS Econostrum Shareholders: Gérard Tur, Frédéric Dubessy, Amal Belkessam, William Allaire, Jean da Luz, Marie-Pierre Vega, Nathalie Bureau du Colombier, Brigitte Challiol, Amandine Place, Serge Megret, Pascal Ingrand, Caroline Garcia, Francis Mateo, Aliette de Broqua, Michel Neumuller, Christiane Navas, Marie-Cécile Audibert.

Address of Registered Office:  Domaine de la Pérussonne, 21 rue François Villon 13400 Aubagne.

Telephone: 04 42 03 26 71

Contact the editor:

Publication Director: Gérard Tur

Editor-in-chief: Frédéric Dubessy is a member of Syndicat de la presse indépendante d'information en ligne (SPIIL) (online news independent press syndicate).
Joint commission publications and news agencies number: 1221 Z 90072

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