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La Méridionale opens a maritime line between Marseille and Tanger Med

Written by Eric Apim on Tuesday, December 1st 2020 à 16:25 | Read 554 times

The Girolata will be one of the two ships, along with the Pelagos, to make the crossing between Marseille and Tanger Med (photo: La Méridionale).
The Girolata will be one of the two ships, along with the Pelagos, to make the crossing between Marseille and Tanger Med (photo: La Méridionale).
FRANCE / MOROCCO. The shipping company La Méridionale will open, on Wednesday 2nd December 2020, a regular shipping line between Marseille and Tanger Med.

This route will benefit from two weekly rotations, before passing to three connections per week, as soon as the health crisis is over. They will be operated by two ships: the Girolata (606 passengers and 230 vehicles) and the Pelagos (269 passengers and 75 vehicles) with departures on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays in both directions. The crossing will take 39 hours.

"The opening of this regular line, combining rolling freight and passenger transport, is a tremendous opportunity for the economic development of the territories concerned and offers strong growth potential for our company," comments Benoït Dehaye, Managing Director of the Marseille-based company. It constitutes a traffic diversification by linking the gateway to the French and European markets with that of the Moroccan and African markets. "Our regular offer from Marseille presents a relevant alternative in terms of flows and a solution whose ecological impact is more virtuous than the all-road", specifies Eric Brioist, reference freight Morocco of the Méridionale.

The Marseille-Tanger Med will mainly focus on agricultural products (cereals, fruits, vegetables) and food products, textiles, chemical and metallurgical products as well as parts for the automotive and aeronautical industries.

La Méridionale expects to capture 5 to 6% of the total volume of trailers transported to Tangier, i.e. 280 linear kilometres of freight, equivalent to 20,750 trailers. It also plans to accommodate more than 50,000 passengers on this route over a full year.

Specialising in maritime links between Marseille and Corsica, La Méridionale transported 206,000 passengers, 90,000 vehicles and 650 kilometres of freight in 2019.



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