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LOGISMED is on track

Written by Frédéric Dubessy avec la BEI on Tuesday, October 30th 2012 à 09:28 | Read 802 times

The LOGISMED initiative led by the EIB is now entering its implementation phase. The creation of a network of Euro-Mediterranean logistic platforms is now taking shape.

MEDITERRANEAN. A European Investment Bank (EIB) initiative, LOGISMED aims to develop the logistic sector in Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPCs) through the creation of a network of Euro-Mediterranean logistic platforms. After a preliminary phase involving diagnostics and recommendations - supported by studies to identify the opportunities and needs of the Southern countries, thanks to regional research - LOGISMED is now moving to its implementation phase.

"In the Mediterranean Partner Countries, a contrasting situation exists: the development of international exchanges has led to often disorderly growth in the carriage of goods, whilst sometimes archaic organisational transportation structures and archaic controls of cross border flows have subsisted” notes an EIB summary report.

"The network of Euro-Mediterranean logistic platforms will promote collaboration and knowledge management amongst the managers of the network’s platforms” clarifies the Luxemburg institution in its report.

By using its assets of geographical and cultural proximity, the LOGISMED network will allow for a better quality of sub-contracting (as well as shared contracting), orders, delivery and management of stock. All this will lead to greater attractiveness and competiveness for the industries of the South, thus presenting them with better responses to rival emerging countries.
LOGISMED is also a vital first step on the path towards a free trade area amongst Mediterranean countries.

The impact of training

The Tangier Med port complex, a future link in the LOGISMED chain (photo C.Garcia)
The Tangier Med port complex, a future link in the LOGISMED chain (photo C.Garcia)
The harmonisation of common frames of reference, which is an essential basis for a Euro-Mediterranean network, can be achieved through training. The Marseille based Centre for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) manages the training programme, with technical partners being the EIB, the Institut des Sciences et des Techniques de l'Equipement et de l'Environnement pour le Développement (ISTED), the Centre for Transportation Studies for the Western Mediterranean (CETMO), the Mediterranean Universities Union (UNIMED) and the Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPCs).

For example, the EIB is currently assisting Morocco and Tunisia in revising their own national logistic schemes but also in their management training and in defining their regulatory and legislative frameworks. It will also partake in the necessary investment for implementation of the schemes and frameworks. In March 2012, the EIB signed an agreement with the Tunisian government for a technical assistance programme for modernisation of the Tunisian logistic platform.
LOGISMED quality labelling of certain EMLP platforms (or Euro-Mediterranean Logistic Platforms) - those which form the network - will have a ripple effect on local and regional logistic platforms, whether they be in airports or ports.

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