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Israel reconfines the whole country for three weeks

Shops will remain open with the exception of shopping centres (photo: F.Dubessy)
Shops will remain open with the exception of shopping centres (photo: F.Dubessy)
ISRAEL. To limit the spread of the Covid-19 in clear progression, the Israeli Prime Minister decided, on Sunday 13 September 2020, a national reconfinement of three weeks.

According to the CSSE of the Johns Hopkins University, Israel has so far registered 156,596 confirmed cases of coronavirus and has suffered 1,119 deaths. It is the twenty-fifth worst affected country in the world.

Benyamin Netanyahu does not rule out "extending this measure". It will take effect on Friday 18 September 2020 and will continue during all the Jewish holidays (Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and the last day of Sukkot) until 9 October 2020.

Residents of the country will not be able to move more than 500 metres away from their homes, except to go to their place of work. Schools and shopping centres will be closed, but supermarkets and pharmacies will remain open, as will public services, albeit operating with limited staff. "I know that these measures will cost us all a lot of money. This is not the kind of festivities we are used to and we certainly won't be able to celebrate them with our extended families," says Benyamin Netanyahu.

The Israeli Ministry of Finance estimates the cost of this reconfinement at 6.5 billion shekels, or €1.58 billion.

The Israeli authorities had already proceeded to the reconfinement of thirty localities (towns and villages), with curfews since Monday 7 September 2020, but this has not made it possible to curb the second wave of the pandemic.


Frédéric Dubessy

Monday, September 14th 2020

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