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In France, 35% of loans from the EIB support community projects

Written by Caroline Garcia, avec la BEI on Tuesday, October 30th 2012 à 09:26 | Read 483 times

The European Investment Bank commits its funds to local projects. As long as they stick to their priorities for action: infrastructure, sustainable development, innovation and SMEs.

FRANCE. Nearly €5 billion – that is the amount the European Investment Bank (EIB) invested in France in 2011.  Loans in France by the financial arm of the European Union accounted for 9.2% of the money lent in the EU-27 (€53.6 billion).  And 35% of the activity matched the funds invested by local authorities.  This course is being held in 2012.  Most recently the EIB granted a loan to the Metz Métropole conurbation to finance the introduction of 18 km of dedicated bus lines, the acquisition of a fleet of 27 buses and the construction of three Park and Ride facilities.  Total project cost:  €220 million, including 50 borrowed from the EIB.   
In the Centre region, at the beginning of July 2012, the Bank joined the Regional Council to provide a fund of €300 million for renewable energy and energy efficiency, in the form of subsidised loans.  Artisans, SMEs and communities can benefit when their renovation project contributes to the reduction of energy consumption in buildings.  A partnership has been set up with three local banks responsible for appraising projects and applying an enhanced rate.

Longer loans

This high level service bus will go through Metz city streets by 2013 (photo : EIB)
This high level service bus will go through Metz city streets by 2013 (photo : EIB)
Alongside these direct interventions with communities, the EIB supports various road, port and rail projects, like the Nimes-Montpellier bypass.  There, the project is funded by a public-private partnership (PPP)  Réseau ferré de France (RFF) and the consortium OC’VIA (Bouygues Construction, Colas, SPIE Batignolles, Alstom, Meridiam infrastructure et FIDEPPP ). This will be the France’s first high-speed freight and passenger line. The creation of 80 km of new track and two stations requires an investment of €2.28 billion.  EIB’s contribution is €307 million; this helps to ensure the long-term refinancing of the holder of the partnership contract guaranteed by RFF, during the operating period.  The Bank’s tranche accounts for 30% of the total debt during this period of operation.
But beyond projects, what the EIB has been highlighting in recent months is the duration of its loans:  “In 2011, banks had difficulty lending beyond 10 or 15 years.  Now most of our loans are beyond these periods”, says Bank Vice-President, Philippe de Fontaine Vive.  In times of economic uncertainty, investors show a stronger aversion to long-term commitments. “Our goal is to fund projects that support the real economy of France in a sustainable and effective way”.  The total amount of loans made in France by the Bank since its inception is close to €80 billion.

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