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Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth in Morocco

September 2018. Written by Soukayna Lakhbiz and Abdelkader Ait El Mekkie

This paper aims at analysing the effects of FDI that mostly originate from the EU country partners, on economic growth in Morocco.


Faced with the market globalisation stream, the internationalisation of monetary policies and an increasing indebtedness, developing countries are now compelled to look for non-traditional sources of investment that are not generating debts. This is the reason why they have turned to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), as it is less sensitive to financial crises. Morocco, a South Mediterranean country, has worked on policies that have proven to be adequate for the attraction of foreign investors.

The comparative advantage of Morocco through its geographical and historical proximity, particularly with France and Spain, determines the orientation of foreign investors. These two European countries are the main suppliers of FDI entering Morocco, even though FDI from the Gulf countries has increased in recent years.

Wednesday, September 5th 2018
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