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“Imagine”, a bridge between scientists and policy-makers

Written by Michel Neumuller avec le Plan Bleu on Friday, November 2nd 2012 à 10:01 | Read 472 times

Through the collaborative project, Pegaso, the EU wants to think of coastlines in terms of integrated management. In this context Plan Bleu relies on the dialogue between policy-makers and scientists. Here’s an update on this operational research project with project leader Julien Le Tellier.

An interface for dialogue between decision-makers, policies, developers and scientists (photo Plan Bleu DR)
An interface for dialogue between decision-makers, policies, developers and scientists (photo Plan Bleu DR)
Econostrum- What is the status of Mediterranean coastal areas? 
Julien Le Tellier - The Mediterranean coastline is 46,000 km long, rich in biodiversity and attractive areas: the rural population continues to flow into coastal cities, which can spread uncontrollably, to the detriment of the natural environment, but also by using and abusing resources. 
The coastline acts as a space for both convergence and competition, separating and uniting at the same time; it is also a vector for regional cooperation.  The Protocol for Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) is a new instrument for integration in the Mediterranean. 
In this context, the 2010-2014 Pegaso project aims to establish connections between scientists and policy-makers to support the ICZM Protocol in the Mediterranean, and support countries in the Black Sea to develop a similar system. 
What is it? 
Pegaso  is a collaborative project of the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development (PCRD).  A product of many disciplines and different countries, scientists provide tools and knowledge to decision-makers to enable them better understand the implications of their choices on the environment and natural resources.  The ultimate goal is to reduce pollution affecting coastal and marine environments.  To achieve this, we must build a bridge between scientists and policy-makers. 
What is Plan Bleu’s role in this project?  
We run a network of Mediterranean experts and decision-makers.  We are an interface for dialogue between decision-makers, policies, developers and scientists.  It is essential that the two worlds talk to each other and understand each other, that they use a common language and adopt common frameworks.  In order to achieve this, we contribute to facilitating participatory workshops involving researchers and stakeholders from ten collaborative application sites.

To build and share desirable/sustainable scenarios

“Imagine,” allows local players to build and share desirable scenarios (Photo Plan Bleu DR)
“Imagine,” allows local players to build and share desirable scenarios (Photo Plan Bleu DR)
How will you proceed? 
Our  “Imagine method provides tools to assess the level of sustainability of an area.  It allows local players to build and share desirable/sustainable scenarios, and develop action plans to implement these “regional projects”.   
Has this method already achieved any positive results? 
Yes.  Take the example of the Coastal Area Management Programme for the Algerian coast:  the action plan developed with “Imagine” has been incorporated into legislative and regulatory processes.  The method is now taught at the National School for Marine and Coastal Management in Algiers; its use has been replicated over several coastal areas by young Algerian researchers. 

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