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IME to create Mediterranean commission to monitor key water-related projects

Written by Gérard Tur on Monday, November 21st 2016 à 17:17 | Read 1013 times

The Institut Méditerranéen de l'Eau is expected to launch a commission, before the summer of 2017, to monitor the progress and impact of key country-scale projects in the water sector.

The lake of Bizerte will benefit from a sanitation (photo CC-K. Abdelomoumen)
The lake of Bizerte will benefit from a sanitation (photo CC-K. Abdelomoumen)
The Institut Méditerranéen de l'Eau is working on setting up a Mediterranean commission to monitor key water-related projects. Aimed at both monitoring and evaluating major projects in the Mediterranean, the commission will collect information on infrastructure projects valued at between €20M and €200M managed by IME members (governments, local and regional authorities, public or private water management bodies etc.). The research and training centres and the IME experts will be in charge of the daily running of this regional structure.
"IME members initiate several dozen infrastructure projects each year – dams, water transfer networks, sewage plants, urban water management systems, desalination plants… All these have an impact on the environment," says IME executive director Hachmi Kennou. "Take, for example, the construction of the sewage treatment plant in Gaza, or the environmental rehabilitation work being carried out on Ichkeul Lake in Tunisia. Also, the lessons learned from the 700-km water transfer system put in place between In Salah and Tamanrasset in Algeria should interest other countries such as Spain for example."
The commission will work with contracting authorities, organizations, institutions, water-sector professionals and financial backers (EIB, French development agency AFD, World Bank...), gathering information on all the project phases -design, construction and operational. It should enable conclusions to be drawn from previous experiences that will benefit future projects and reduce any negative impacts.

A lightweight structure

IME executive director Hachmi Kennou (photo : F.Dubessy)
IME executive director Hachmi Kennou (photo : F.Dubessy)
Financial backers will be able to obtain information they need from the commission to assess financing requests. "Thus, the commission will be able not only to supply and share any progress data but also to enable the monitoring and evaluation of project results and the impact these may have on the environmental, economic and social levels," explains the IME in its presentation document on the commission.
"The commission will be a very lightweight structure with a dedicated website for our members. The IME has experts who can monitor these types of key infrastructure projects. We will be looking at both the success stories and the failures," points out Kennou. "We will be starting with the theme of desalination and re-use of treated waste water, both major issues in the Mediterranean. We will be announcing the official launch of the commission next June. The inclusion of a project will of course depend on prior agreement from the country concerned."

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