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French renewable energy producer ZE Energy wins first contract in Italy

Written by Eric Apim on Monday, January 11th 2021 à 18:32 | Read 270 times

French renewable energy producer ZE Energy wins first contract in Italy
ITALY / FRANCE. The independent producer of renewable energy ZE Energy announces, on Monday 11 January 2021, that it has won the call for tenders of the Italian electricity transmission operator Terna. For the Frenchman this is his first contract in Italy.

The competition concerned Terna's "fast reserve" aimed at "ensuring an ultra-fast frequency regulation service and responding to the strong development of renewable energies in Italy", ZE Energy stated in a press release.

The French company will build two hybrid "photovoltaic + storage" projects, each with 5 MW of storage capacity. These installations will make it possible to provide a fast frequency reserve service of 1,000 hours per year over five years, according to the contract. This represents almost 10% of the needs in the Centre-North area of Italy.

ZE Energy has a project portfolio of more than 170 MW in solar photovoltaic and more than 65 MW in battery. By 2025, the startup has set itself the goal of achieving, through its deployment in four countries, a solar power plant fleet of more than 700 MW and an operating battery capacity of more than 350 MWh.



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