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Four civil society associations plead for a common Mediterranean destiny

"Our Mediterranean wants to "consolidate a common North-South vision of the future of the Mediterranean " (photo: F.Dubessy)
"Our Mediterranean wants to "consolidate a common North-South vision of the future of the Mediterranean " (photo: F.Dubessy)
MEDITERRANEAN. A consortium of civil society actors, the Civitas Institute (Gaza Strip), Mashallah News (France/Lebanon/Georgia), Maydan Association (Italy) and Réseau Euromed France, is launching a cross-border advocacy campaign for a common Mediterranean destiny.

Called "Our Mediterranean", it is funded by the European Union under the Tunis-based regional Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality programme. The campaign aims to "counter divisive narratives, to show the richness and diversity of our Mediterranean roots, to put common issues on the regional and institutional agenda, and to cultivate a united, peaceful, socio-politically and economically just relationship between the peoples of the Mediterranean and beyond," says a joint statement.

In concrete terms, the four associations will rely on a variety of actions to deliver their message: the organisation of six round tables, the realisation of a Euro-Mediterranean survey (Med Vision Barometer), the production of written and audiovisual reports and even a play followed by a debate. In parallel, research, exchange of expertise and multi-stakeholder debates will be conducted online and in the eight participating countries (France, Gaza-Palestine, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Slovenia and the Netherlands).

Several regional events will take stock in November 2021, at the end of the project. A roadmap will then be established to "consolidate a common North-South vision of the future of the Mediterranean, involving CSOs (Editor's note: Civil Society Organisations), citizens and decision-makers", the partners state.

The partners involved in "Our Mediterranean"
  • MAYDAN is a transnational non-profit association of Mediterranean citizens including activists, intellectuals, artists, entrepreneurs, researchers, etc. who are committed to the construction of a Mediterranean citizenship and a common destiny between its peoples; ; 
  • CIVITAS is a Gaza-based NGO launched in 2000 on the initiative of democrats, young leaders, journalists, activists, human rights defenders and civil society. Through education, training and empowerment, as well as adherence to and respect for human rights, it sees development and reform as a factor and a fundamental element in achieving change and shaping a better future for societies.
  • MASHALLAH NEWS is an independent "disoriented" online magazine covering the Middle East. Its aim is to offer a new perspective on the region.   
  • REF - Réseau Euromed France brings together thirty-six French civil society organisations involved in the Mediterranean region. They come from all over France and are active in a wide range of fields: access to human rights, art and culture, citizenship, gender equality, environment, youth, media, migration, public policies.

Eric Apim

Thursday, September 2nd 2021

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