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Femip Trust Fund Annual Report 2017 : serving the southern neighbourhood

November 2018. Written by EIB.

In view of the challenges the EU’s Southern Neighbourhood region is facing, including those posed by the forced displacement of people, persistent fiscal deficits and the threat of climate change, the European Investment Bank (EIB), the EU bank, and the FEMIP Trust Fund (”FTF”) have proven their worth and


Mobilising EUR 53m of donor resources since 2004, the FTF has financed 77 grant operations in the Middle Eastern and North African (“MENA”) countries, leading to EUR 630m of EIB blended operations that support total investment of EUR 1.35bn. Thanks to the continuous support of 16 EU Member States and the European Commission, in 2017 the FTF approved EUR 9.9m of grant operations, the largest in any given year to date...

Tuesday, November 13th 2018
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