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Europlasma commits to the treatment in France of Algerian asbestos waste

Written by Eric Apim on Tuesday, September 6th 2022 à 16:30 | Read 518 times

Inertam masters a process of vitrification of asbestos (photo: Europlasma)
Inertam masters a process of vitrification of asbestos (photo: Europlasma)
ALGERIA / FRANCE. The signing of a framework agreement by Inertam, a subsidiary of Europlasma (expert in pollution control), with the Algerian company So.GE.B.ZRITA opens the way to the treatment of Algerian asbestos waste in France.

This text is the prerequisite to a request from the Algerian State for authorization to export this type of waste. Algiers initialed in September 1998 the Basel Convention on the control of transboundary movements of hazardous waste and their elimination. And France is a member since January 1991. This treaty entered into force in May 1992 (in May 1992 in France and in December 1998 in Algeria). Both countries will therefore apply its terms.

The French company (treatment of hazardous metals) and the Algerian specialist in asbestos removal based near Algiers will be able to respond, thanks to this rapprochement, together to a call for tenders launched by "a leading institution in order to offer a turnkey solution from the extraction of asbestos by SO.GE.B.ZRITA to its final treatment by vitrification by Inertam", says a press release of Europlasma.

Creation of an asbestos waste treatment chain

The agreement goes further since the two companies plan to "offer the Algerian market a complete service for asbestos waste, whose stocks are estimated at more than 10 million tons on the territory". Currently, in this country, the hazardous industrial waste is simply stored while waiting for the creation of a treatment channel.

The needs would exceed 100 000 tons of waste per year, according to the Algerian State which multiplies the consultations since its awareness of the environmental problems.

Inertam's installed treatment capacity is 8,000 tons per year. The company uses a process of plasma torch, developed by the Aerospace, producing temperatures close to 5 000 ° and bring the material in fusion. This plasma, "by an extremely strong thermal reaction in energy, allows the fusion of the waste in mixture in the furnace of vitrification", explains the company.

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