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Ensuring the logistical safety and security of Mediterranean wines


"Specific solutions for transporting wine" - 10/29/2012 - Cindy Grimaud

By Cindy Grimaud, head of communications at JF Hillebrand France. Wines are very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. Shipping them by sea requires a lot of planning if you want to ensure they are well preserved. The best way to keep wine in optimum conditions is and always will be in a reefer container, i.e. one...

“The innovative concept of the Logistical Wine Warehouse” - 02/20/2012 - Philippe Cahusac

By Philippe Cahusac, Director of Épigone Épigone is a subsidiary of Transports Peyrot, which was formed in 1999 to meet the needs of winegrowers and wine-making companies for storage of packaged wines. We rapidly moved on from simple storage of pallets by rental of spaces to preparation of orders with multiple references and...

Piedmont wines enjoy international success - 02/20/2012 - Christiane Navas, NICE

ITALY. 2011 will go down as one of the best vintages for Piedmont wines, exported as far afield as Asia in temperature controlled containers.

"The Mediterranean wine market" - 02/20/2012 - Jean-Luc Etievent, managing partner at Mediterranean & Co

MEDITERRANEAN. The Mediterranean wine market is a reality, and it is not a recent phenomenon. Dating back to Phoenician times, it was one of the first examples of organized trade, and Vinisud owes much of its success to the fact that it continues to flourish.

“The product has to pay for the logistics” - 02/20/2012 - Francisco Navarro, CEO of Navarro Logistica

By Francisco Navarro, CEO of Navarro Logistica (Sabadell, Spain) “The market for wine in Spain has developed considerably under the pressure of the economic crisis and the resulting fall-off in consumption. We have adapted to this in terms of logistics. Up until about a year ago we had heavy traffic feeding our warehouses in...

Portugal: worry-free wine - 02/20/2012 - Marie-Line Darcy, LISBON

PORTUGAL. The world’s eighth largest wine producer, Portugal specialises in high-end wines

E-commerce highlights the importance of transport - 02/20/2012 - Francis Mateo, BARCELONA

SPAIN. Vila Viniteca is the largest distributor of fine wines in Spain. The company's catalogue lists 7,500 wines, including the famous Pingus, one of Spain's most highly regarded wines, and also wines from well-established French properties such as Bott-Geyl, Trapet and Marcoux.

A selective “hosting” solution for wine - 02/20/2012 - Francis Mateo, BARCELONA

FRANCE. Vinôtel, the Transports Raymondis logistics system in Rivesaltes is aptly named, as this logistics subsidiary is a real “hotel” for wine:  6,000 m2 of isothermal storage where the temperature can be set between 10 and 17 °, humidity is carefully controlled and recorded on a disk that...


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