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Employees made redundant due to the difficulties of the Galician shipbuilding industry will benefit from €2 million

The former employees of the ship repair industry, here in Vigo in 2018, will be able to retrain (photo: DR)
The former employees of the ship repair industry, here in Vigo in 2018, will be able to retrain (photo: DR)
SPAIN. On Monday 12 October 2020, the European Parliament's Committee on Budgets voted in favour of a €2.05 million aid package for former employees in the shipbuilding industry in the Galicia region. This sum should enable them to be reintegrated into the labour market. The text presented by the French rapporteur Valérie Hayer received thirty-seven votes in favour, one against and two abstentions.

The €2,054,400 will benefit around 500 of the 960 people made redundant in 38 SMEs between May 2019 and February 2020.

The Xunta de Galicia, the regional authority, had applied for this support from the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF), set up in 2007 to "help workers made redundant as a result of major structural changes in world trade patterns or unexpected financial and economic crises". The European Commission relayed the application to the European Parliament in September 2020, arguing that "the decline in the EU's market share in world shipbuilding production and the increase in external competition in the sector have had disastrous consequences for the auxiliary shipbuilding sector in Galicia".
Only two steps remain for this decision to become effective: a plenary vote in the Parliament, scheduled for 19-23 October 2020, followed by approval by the European Council.

The €2.05 million will then be used to co-finance 60% of the Xunta de Galicia's €3.4 million plan, which provides former employees in related sectors of the shipbuilding industry with "vocational guidance, support in their search for work, opportunities to acquire new skills through vocational training, and tutoring and guidance after finding another job", as stated in a press release from the European Parliament.


Frédéric Dubessy

Tuesday, October 13th 2020

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