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Emea and Emnes issue roadmap for blue transition in Mediterranean

The Mediterranean economists at the Emea and Emnes are putting forward a blue transition scenario for the Mediterranean based on a common Euro-Mediterranean project, a regional strategy and joint action plans. Version française

Emea and Emnes issue roadmap for blue transition in Mediterranean

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Emea and Emnes issue roadmap for blue transition in Mediterranean
"We are today experiencing an exogenous blow caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Neither governments nor populations are prepared for it,” explains Rym Ayadi, president of the Emea (Euro-Mediterranean Economists’ Association) and director of the Emnes (Euro-Mediterranean Network for Economic Studies). Her report, entitled “Blue Transition Policy Roadmap: Towards Transparent, Responsible, Inclusive and Sustainable (TRIS) Development in the Mediterranean”, co-authored with Carlo Sessa, aims to “guide policy responses to manage the short, medium and long-term challenges facing our economies and societies” in the face of the coronavirus outbreak.
Thinking and imagining the future we want, to achieve transparent governance, responsible living, an inclusive economy and sustainable energy and environmental goals” are the principles behind this report on blue transition in the Mediterranean, based on the TRIS (transparent, responsible, inclusive and sustainable) development model. It sets out a blue transition scenario (BTS) between now and 2050 “to move away from the current unsustainable development” and increase awareness among ecosystems of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the northern, southern and eastern seaboards of the Mediterranean.

Rethinking frameworks for cooperation in the Mediterranean

The report’s conclusions build on the United Nations’ seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and research carried out by Emnes economists.
We are putting forward a more ambitious model that also takes into account the part played by digitalization and innovation and adding the principles of necessary transparency and responsibility, essential conditions for development models in the Mediterranean region,” underlines Rym Ayadi, noting in the conclusions “greater instability, greater fragmentation and little resilience.
The BTS advocates dialogue between the different civilizations in the Mediterranean and beyond (Africa), the embracing of a common project, as well as regional strategies and joint action plans on the TRIS model. “The Emnes members are creating a collaborative process and a methodology that could be used by politicians, researchers and journalists,” notes the Emea president.
The authors are pushing for a Euro-Mediterranean partnership through win-win policies for the different sides of the Mediterranean. This will therefore require a “rethinking of cooperation frameworks and integration schemes to accommodate the emergence of regional value chains and the creation of a Euro-Mediterranean industrial policy.”
They also want to “enhance our systems resilience to the emerging transitions and to respond to external shocks, such as the Covid-19 global pandemic… (which) has put under heavy pressure national health and economic systems and the models of regional integration and solidarity principle.”

View the "Blue Transition Policy Roadmap: Towards Transparent, Responsible, Inclusive and Sustainable (TRIS) Development in the Mediterranean"
Authors : Rym Ayadi, president of Emea, director of Emnes, and Carlo Sessa, member of the executive Board of Emea and associate member of Emnes.

Thursday, April 16th 2020

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