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Effects of Syrian Refugees on Labor Markets of Host Middle Eastern and European Countries

January 2019. Directed by Roby Nathanson and Khalid Sekkat.

Effets des réfugiés syriens sur les marchés du travail des pays hôtes du Moyen-Orient et d’Europe

Due to the ongoing Syrian civil war, between 2011 and 2016 about 5.1 million Syrian have been externally displaced. Most of the displaced Syrians initially arrived to Middle Eastern countries. Turkey hosts more Syrian refugees than any other country with an estimated 3.2 million refugees which comprising 3.5% of the country's population. Lebanon absorbed about 1 million refugees, which comprise 20% of the local population and Jordan absorbed 650,000 Syrian asylum seekers, which comprise 9% of its population. In Europe the main hosting countries are Germany and Sweden, however asylum seekers represent only slightly more than 1% of the total population in those countries...


The initial policy in most Middle Eastern hosting countries made it difficult for Syrian refugees to integrate (with Lebanon being the exception) into the local labor market. Contrary, the majority of European countries allowed Syrian refuges to receive working permits. Therefore, many refugees, seeking to improve employment opportunities began to make their way into Europe. As a result, the political discourse in Europe regarding Syrian asylum seekers has become significant. One of the main concerns raised by locals, both in Europe and in Middle Eastern absorbing countries, the impact of refugees on local labor markets, unemployment rate and wages. Other concerns included security, crime, terrorism welfare benefits, the cost of accommodating refugees, etc.

Wednesday, January 2nd 2019
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