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Education Mismatch in North Africa: Determinants and Impact

Publié en septembre 2019. Rédigé par Moundir Lassassi, Mohamed Ali Marouani.

The uprising of 2011 in many Arab countries have highlighted the vulnerability and fragility of their labor markets, characterized by high unemployment rates, especially for young people. The lack of job opportunities for young people is a major challenge for these societies. The youth unemployment rate is three times higher (13%) comparatively to adults (4.3%). This problem is more alarming in North Africa, where almost 30% of young people in the labor market are unemployed. According to the National Institutes of Statistics was more than 35% in Tunisia (INS 2018), 29.3% in Morocco (HCP 2017) and 26.4% in Algeria (ONS 2018). 


Graduates’ unemployment is also a major issue in the region reaching 29.3% in Tunisia (18% for men and 38.7% for women), 23.5% in Morocco (18.9% for men and 32.2% for women) and 16.8% in Algeria (10% for men and 23.1% for women). Unemployment is not the only issue...

Monday, September 9th 2019
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