OCEMO online - 10/29/2012 - Astrid Jousset

Operational since September 2011, OEMO now has a website. The Office for Economic Cooperation for the Mediterranean and the East  gathered together experts from the Mediterranean basin and is now the de facto voice of civil society in that region.  Its prerogatives include linking economic change with social and...

The team - 09/26/2012 -  

Leadership Gérard Tur, Director of publication Tel: + 33 (0)4 42 03 26 71 E-mail Editor in Chief Frédéric Dubessy, editor in chief Tel: + 33 (0)4 91 33 31 02 E-mail Editorial team William Allaire, journalist, France E-mail...

Who are we? - 09/26/2012 -  

The Euro-Mediterranean area will be at the heart of political and economic challenges in the coming years.  But it is yet to be built. Econostrum.info wants to help achieve this goal by contributing to the exchange of information between the different actors. Econostrum.info is a genuine information medium, powered by...

Legal information - 09/26/2012 -  

The Econostrum.info journal is published by SAS Econostrum.info, a simplified joint-stock Company with capital of 58,400 euro, registered with the Marseille Registry of Commerce and Companies under number RCS Marseille 515 225 621. SAS Econostrum Shareholders: Gérard Tur, Frédéric Dubessy, Amal Belkessam, William Allaire,...

Calendar - Agenda Med - 09/25/2012

This module allows you to search for an event by country and/or type of event and/or sector of activity according to the date of your choice

Special issue: Fostering women's participation in Mediterranean economic life - 05/15/2015

With the support of the Secretariat of the UfM

Mediterranean ports and land transport links - 04/24/2015

MEDITERRANEAN. Ports in southern Europe are working hard to lure container traffic from Anvers and Rotterdam. An increase in ro-ro traffic could follow in its wake. Read more  

Energy efficiency in the Mediterranean region - 13th FEMIP conference - 12/09/2013

Efficiency, at the heart of energy saving Tunisia is attempting to put theory into practice Morocco hopes to reduce energy use by 12% by 2020 "Lebanon has a culture of energy efficiency" + articles

Logistics - Medfel 2013 - 04/23/2013

The fruit and vegetable sector is ready to share resources Tomatoes: the winning strategy of the Aurora co-operative in Sicily Rungis wholesalers still not yet ready to collaborate on logistics The Morocco Fruit Board + articles

Citrus - Medfel 2013 - 04/23/2013

Good international health for Spanish citrus Egypt’s orange revolution Egypt: Containerisation has led to the development of a traditional sector Decline in Moroccan citrus fruit exports + articles

Crisis and Tourism in the Mediterranean - 11/26/2012

Is happiness the Mediterranean’s largest economy? The irrepressible drive of tourism in the Southern Mediterranean Mediterranean tourism evades the crisis Morocco counts on sustainable tourism + articles

Ensuring the logistical safety and security of Mediterranean wines - 10/29/2012

“A customised logistics service” Secure logistics mean better wine Yatir: a wine cooperative looking to conquer the world’s best restaurants Piedmont wines enjoy international success + articles

Post-crisis in the Mediterranean - 10/16/2012

Why Mediterranean countries withstood the impact of the crisis Structural policies mark their return Turkey emerges as Europe’s BRIC economy Faced with crisis, Morocco goes on the offensive + articles
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