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EuroMeSCo (the Euro-Mediterranean Study Commission) is the main network of research centres on politics and security in the Mediterranean, striving at building a community of research institutes and think tanks committed to strengthening Euro-Mediterranean relations.
The network currently comprises 102 institutes from 30 countries in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

Cooperation with Religious Institutions as a European Policy Tool - 05/01/2019

May 2019 P. Sasnal (Ed.), S. Altuna, Y. El-Menouar, G. Fahmi The Joint Policy Study takes an institutionalist view of state-religion relations, although religious institutions are defined in a broad sense and encompass both official and unofficial religion.

Russia’s Arms Exports to the MENA Region: Trends and Drivers - 04/03/2019

Publié en avril 2019. Rédigé par Alexandra Kuimova The Policy Brief begins by outlining Russia’s growing interest in the MENA region. It identifies both the strategy and motivations driving Russia’s arms exports, and equally to the region, and the demand for arms by MENA countries.

The rôle of Russia in the middle east and north Africa region - 04/03/2019

April 2019. Written by Valeria Talbot, Chiara Lovotti, Ziad A. Akl, Youssef Cherif, Christopher Hartwell, Mira Milosevich, Eleonora Tafuro Ambrosetti This Joint Policy Study investigates the role that Russia has played, is playing and is likely to play in shaping future political alignments in the MENA region.

Climate security in the sahel and the Mediterranean : local and regional responses - 04/01/2019

April 2019. Written by Abdelhak Bassou, Aleksandra Chmielewska, Xira Ruiz-Campillo The present study takes into account the broader conception of the Mediterranean. In this sense, it not only deals with the effects of climate change on the countries bordering the Mediterranean, but extends its analysis to the whole European...


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