Developing and Funding Innovation

Innovation funds fill the gaps left by the Moroccan State - 10/26/2015

Special edition no.15: FEMIP
Morocco has not reached the targets it set itself in 2009 in its Moroccan Innovation Strategy (Stratégie Maroc Innovation) plan. Innovative project holders are consequently struggling to find funding, especially in the initial stages of their business ventures.

Tunisia : “We are prioritising innovation in energy and the environment” - 10/26/2015

Special edition no.15 : FEMIP
Mustapha Kchir, SME sector manager at the Bank of Tunisia, takes stock of the difficulties and challenges in providing proper support to innovative SMEs, including vital technical assistance to ensure good access to finance.

Jordan targets regional leadership in innovation - 10/26/2015

Special edition no.15 : FEMIP
JORDAN. In a difficult regional context, the Kingdom has advantages enabling it to consider its economic future from an innovation perspective.

“Innovation is an opportunity for Lebanon” - 10/26/2015

Special edition no.15 : FEMIP
Khater Abi Habib, President and CEO of the SME loan guarantee finance company, Kafalat, reviews the situation of innovation in Lebanon.

Innovating in the Mediterranean for growth and jobs - 10/26/2015

Special edition no.15 : FEMIP
MEDITERRANEAN. Economic change in Southern Mediterranean countries will occur more easily if it results in direct benefits for employment, particularly for young people. Existing schemes to fund innovative SMEs cover a wide range of needs but can still progress.


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