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Covid-19: the mortality rate per capita is higher in the north than in the south of the Mediterranean Sea

Written by Gérard Tur on Tuesday, November 10th 2020 à 17:27 | Read 375 times

Spain records the highest number of cases in the European Union (photo: Spanish Ministry of Health)
Spain records the highest number of cases in the European Union (photo: Spanish Ministry of Health)
MEDITERRANEAN. The health situation changes from week to week. But one thing seems certain, America (South, Central and North America) and Europe concentrate an important part of the reported cases of Covid 19 in the world, even if the statistics remain questionable in some countries like Brazil. The figures reported daily by the Johns Hopkins University are considered to be the most reliable. Among all the available data, the university establishes a ranking that takes into account the number of deaths per million inhabitants since the beginning of the pandemic.
Two Mediterranean microstates figure in the world's top 20, San Marino (number one with 1,243 cases per million inhabitants) and Andorra (5th with 974 cases/million inhabitants). But given their small populations, their situation in this ranking can change very quickly.
The case of Spain, the first European country to exceed one million cases, is much more worrying, with 831 cases per million inhabitants and an unenviable fifth place in the world. The government has declared a state of health alert and implemented a curfew from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. (excluding the Canary Islands). Regions may go beyond these measures. Catalonia, for example, obliges businesses to limit their sales areas to 800 m², with restrictions on capacity of 50% for food and 70% for other products (restaurants, bars, discos, concert halls, gambling halls, cinemas, theaters, sports halls and beauty salons are closed).


No homogeneous measurements

Italy follows Spain, with a much lower figure (685 cases/million inhabitants 14th in the world), although it remains alarming. The country is under curfew from 10 pm to 5 am. Lombardy, Piedmont, Valle d'Aosta and Calabria are under confinement.
France ranks 17th, with 604 cases/million inhabitants. The country has been in confinement since October 30, 2020.
The Balkan states are making a grouped shot. Northern Macedonia (545 cases/million inhabitants), Montenegro (541 cases/million inhabitants), Bosnia-Herzegovina (454 cases/million inhabitants), Kosovo (381 cases/million inhabitants) are between 19th and 30th place.
Israel occupies the 33rd place in this disastrous ranking (301 cases/million inhabitants), Portugal the 39th (282 cases/million inhabitants), Slovenia the 41st (268 cases/million inhabitants). All the other Mediterranean countries are above 50th place.
Israel barely comes out of confinement, from mid-September to mid-October. A measure not respected by the ultra-Orthodox. In Portugal, the government has just declared a state of health emergency on Monday, November 9. In addition to this, there is a night curfew during the week in the big cities (70% of the population) and a confinement from Saturday 1 p.m. to Monday morning.
All the other Mediterranean countries are above 50th place. Greece is not among the most affected countries, but has nevertheless just reconfined itself for three weeks, with exit permits delivered to the drip account by SMS.

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