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"Concerted efforts are still required"

Jorge Borrego, deputy secretary-general for energy and climate action at the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM)


Jorge Borrego. Photo FDubessy
Jorge Borrego. Photo FDubessy
How is the idea of energy transition making its way in the Mediterranean Basin?

Jorge Borrego: We are at a crossroads. A regional posture is beginning to emerge on the question. The Mediterranean countries now recognize that they have to work together on energy management. They understand that efforts -if not joint, then at least concerted- are still required alongside national strategies. This is also true for increasing energy security, which requires networks to be interconnected across the Mediterranean region.

What role does the UfM play in this domain?

J.B. The UfM's role is firstly an institutional one. To enhance dialogue and encourage partnerships among the UfM's forty-three member countries, in 2015 we launched three platforms covering gas, the regional electricity markets and renewable energies and energy efficiency (see box).

The UfM also identifies and certifies certain projects and initiatives that have a regional impact, enabling them to obtain funds from international financiers more easily. It provides them with a boost by encouraging experience sharing and by providing analysis on these projects that go beyond the field of energy transition, since they impact social matters, employment and economic development.

Platforms to boost Euro-Mediterranean energy-sector cooperation

The co-presidents (European Union and Jordan) of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) have provided for the setting up of three platforms (Gas, Regional Electricity Market (MRE) and Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (EREE)) that will facilitate partnerships between the main energy-sector stakeholders concerned and boost cooperation between UfM member states in these fields.

The purpose of the EREE platform, which participants at the 4th MEDENER International Conference want officially launched as quickly as possible, is to promote the progressive deployment of renewable energies and energy efficiency measures. The MEDENER, supported by all the partners, has reiterated its role in the promotion of RE and EE in the Mediterranean region.

The aim is to support economic development in the Mediterranean Basin, while ensuring that its inhabitants and professional sector are provided with secure access to modern, reliable energy services at a reasonable price. The EREE also fits in with the UfM's drive to support the alleviation of and adaptation to the effects of climate change.

Special issue : Medener-energy transition with ADEME

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Tuesday, July 19th 2016

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