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Colis privé takes off to join CMA CGM

Written by Eric Apim on Monday, January 31st 2022 à 17:05 | Read 386 times

The acquisition of Colis Privé will strengthen the service of CMA CGM's Ceva Logistics subsidiary (photo: Colis Privé)
The acquisition of Colis Privé will strengthen the service of CMA CGM's Ceva Logistics subsidiary (photo: Colis Privé)
FRANCE. On Monday 31 January 2022, the CMA CGM group announced that it had signed an agreement to acquire Colis Privé to strengthen its Ceva Logistics subsidiary in last-mile delivery.

Based in Marseille, the world's third largest shipping company will take a 51% stake in the home and point-of-sale parcel delivery specialist, which was created in March 2012 and is a subsidiary of the Aix-en-Provence-based Hopps group. Its founders, Frédéric Pons and Eric Paumier, will retain 39% of the shares, while the remaining 10% will be owned by Amazon. CMA CGM does not exclude "strengthening its position in the capital of Colis Privé in the long term", says a press release from the shipping group.

"This operation will enable us to offer end-to-end logistics solutions to our e-commerce customers for whom the last mile is a critical stage. By leveraging the global presence of our subsidiary CEVA Logistics, our ambition will be to develop Colis Privé internationally, starting with Europe where the company is already established," said Rodolphe Saadé, CEO of the CMA CGM group.

Colis Privé already present in Morocco

The co-founders of Colis Privé say they are "particularly proud to build with CMA CGM a centre of logistical excellence based in Marseille that contributes to the economic influence of the Southern Region worldwide". They had tried to sell their company, the flagship of the Hopps group (which also includes Adrexo, a distributor of unaddressed mail), and even to float it on the stock market to finance its development.

In 2021, Colis Privé (€270m turnover) delivered more than 70 million parcels in France through a network of nearly 110 regional agencies. Since the second half of 2021, the company has also expanded outside France, via Colis Privé International, in Belgium, Luxembourg (subsidiaries) and Morocco (brand licence granted to local operators) and will soon be present in the Netherlands.


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