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Citrus - Medfel 2013


Good international health for Spanish citrus - 04/23/2013 - Francis Mateo, BARCELONA

SPAIN. The Spanish citrus sector is still very competitive internationally, although competition from countries such as Egypt is being more acutely felt, mainly because of the difficulty in finding alternative logistics to road transport.

Egypt’s orange revolution - 04/18/2013 - Safia Ouared, Cairo

In the space of a few years, Egypt has made a quantum leap, both qualitatively and quantitatively, in the citrus fruit sector. This leap places it alongside Spain and Turkey on the podium of top orange producers and exporters, not only in the Mediterranean, but also in the world market.

Egypt: Containerisation has led to the development of a traditional sector - 04/18/2013

“ Today, we are the world's second largest shipper of reefer containers ”. Steven Suchet, Reefer Trade Director at CMA CGM (Photo CMA CGM) Every year, Egypt produces five million tonnes of citrus fruit, around 20% of which it exports, essentially to Russia (28%), Saudi Arabia (25%), Persian Gulf countries (10%) and...

“Egypt’s potential hindered by the crisis” - 04/18/2013

“ We must encourage cooperative ventures rather than individual initiatives.”   Hussein Marei – Chairman of the Citrus Council in the Horticultural Export Improvement Agency (HEIA) and Vice Chairman of the Citrus Council in the Agricultural Research Center (ARC) of Egypt. Photo DR The Mediterranean’s third largest...

Exporting citrus fruit requires a rigorously organised logistics chain - 04/18/2013

“ Israel features among the top citrus fruit exporters in the Mediterranean basin ”.   Gad Barak, Logistics Manager at Mehadrin (photo Mehadrin) Israel features among the top citrus fruit exporters in the Mediterranean basin. With 120,000 tonnes exported every year, citrus fruit accounts for 66% of the total...

Decline in Moroccan citrus fruit exports - 04/18/2013 - Christelle Marot, CASABLANCA

MOROCCO. In 2012, climatic vagaries caused a fall in small fruit exports. As regards oranges, the decline is more structural. For a number of years now, Morocco has lagged behind Egypt.

Innovation and transport: a new citrus route emerges in the Mediterranean - 04/18/2013 - Nathalie Bureau du Colombier, MARSEILLE

In recent years, citrus growers in the Mediterranean basin have been waging a relentless war on export markets. The price of labour, export subsidies, fruit quality, bilateral trade agreements, transport and logistics costs, there are no holds barred.