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CMI: New programs overview and beyond

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17 programs will be under way at the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) during 2012, three more than in 2011. Though diverse, the CMI’s programs do not work in isolation—efforts are made to promote dialogue among the programs in each cluster, as well as across clusters. This interaction helps to maximize synergies and partnerships wherever possible.

CMI: New programs overview and beyond
The CoMun program is the Cooperation of Towns and Municipalities in the Maghreb program, which is part of the Urban and Spatial Development (UD) cluster and aims to improve municipal governance in national and regional development. Through learning networks, trainings and workshops, this project, which was implemented on behalf of the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GIZ), will facilitate city to city cooperation between Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Germany and will bring a technical and financial support to urban projects. 

The EW4 program, Promoting Optimization and Innovation to Improve Water Management, part of the Environment and Water (EW) cluster, builds on the EW2 program Economic Approach to Water Demand Management. This program will focus on technological innovation to increase available supply at the customer level, rationalize consumption and improve efficiency and, encourage the development of innovative policy and technology through assessing and prioritizing new investments in reuse (nonconventional water). This work, which is being run ahead of the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille in March 2012, brings together the Mediterranean Water Institute, the Arab Water Council and the Arab Water Academy. 

The IT3 program on Knowledge Economy (KE)-based Growth and Employment is a part of the Knowledge Economy, Innovation and Technology (KEIT) cluster and strength to emphasize how the knowledge economy approach can help MENA countries diversify their economies, innovate and raise competitiveness, creating new enterprises and jobs in the medium term. Benchmark on KE performance and highlight on key policy issues; industry case studies in selected countries and workshops to debate and validate the findings will be constituting a report, co-written by experts from the World Bank, the World Bank Institute, the European Investment Bank and ISESCO to be disseminated late 2012. 

Pilot institutions are also studying Employment and Social Protection policies. The topic brings for now together the French Development Agency (AFD), the World Bank and the International Labor Organization and the European Commission for a future EM5 program under the Skills, Employment and Labor Mobility (SELM) cluster. This project aims to provide a platform for key national stakeholders and international development partners to share information, understand policy alternatives, and identify potential solutions. Its challenge is to reduce inequality by encouraging social inclusion, especially in the Maghreb countries, against a background of political and institutional reforms.

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