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Benghazi's head of the Libyan parallel government tenders his resignation

Abdallah el-Thani resigns (photo: DR)
Abdallah el-Thani resigns (photo: DR)
LIBYA. The Libyan parallel government in Benghazi, not recognised by the international community, presented its resignation, Sunday evening, September 13, 2020, to the local parliament based in Tobruk. This announcement comes after several days of demonstrations since Thursday, September 10, 2020, punctuated, Sunday morning, by the fire of the building housing the headquarters of this government. The protesters complain of corruption and the deterioration of living conditions with power outages, lack of food and basic necessities, but also the high price of fuel.

Since 2014, two powers co-exist in Libya. The UN-recognised Government of National Unity (GNA) led by Fayez el-Sarraj and its Parliament, both based in Tripoli. And therefore a parallel government in the east of the country with Abdallah al-Theni as its leader, supported by the self-proclaimed Libyan National Army (ANL) of Marshal Khalifa Haftar. 

It is now up to the Parliament of Tobruk and its President Aguila Saleh to accept or not the resignation of Abdallah al-Thani which will be officially presented to him in the coming days. The head of government had been in office since 12 March 2014.


Eric Apim

Tuesday, September 15th 2020

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