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Barcelona's MedaWeek repositions the Mediterranean as a key player in the post-Covid-19 revival

Written by Eric Apim on Friday, November 20th 2020 à 15:16 | Read 359 times

Mediterranean economic players advocate a new economic model and a central role for the Mediterranean (photo: Medaweek Barcelona)
Mediterranean economic players advocate a new economic model and a central role for the Mediterranean (photo: Medaweek Barcelona)
MEDITERRANEAN. Gathered virtually on the occasion of the 14th Mediterranean Economic Week Barcelona (Meda Week Barcelona - 18 to 20 November 2020), organized by the Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Ascame) and the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, the economic actors of the region issued a declaration on Friday, November 20, 2020. It includes twenty-five initiatives (see below) for a "new model of economic development in the Mediterranean region".

As the Barcelona Process celebrates its twenty-five years, the text calls for "returning to its vocation (...) to accelerate economic integration". Ascame intends to "reposition the Mediterranean as a key player in the post-Covid-19 era".

"Many of the objectives are still valid. Efforts must therefore be made to improve shared prosperity on the basis of South-South and North-South relations, bearing in mind that Europe remains the main economic partner of the countries of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean. Recent events, from the financial crisis and the Arab Spring to the refugee crisis and the pandemic caused by Covid-19, reinforce the need to work together to achieve the objectives of the Barcelona Process", states the adopted declaration.

"The creation of alliances, agreements and partnerships should be encouraged. The strategic importance of a new vision of partnership between the two shores of the Mediterranean must be stressed, which would allow a link between the two continents and a deep integration between Europe and Africa. The Covid-19 crisis makes this new partnership even more necessary to face the economic and social consequences of the pandemic. The implementation of the Barcelona Declaration will help us to revive the economy", comments Anwar Zibaoui, General Coordinator of Ascame.


Barcelona Declaration for the Economic Integration of the Mediterranean

1- Designing a new vision of economic integration
2- Building tomorrow's economy
3- Promote the active participation and stimulate the competitiveness of the private sector
4- Involving the Mediterranean private sector in the achievement of sustainable development objectives (SDOs) 2030
5- Supporting SMEs as a key factor in economic development
6- Investing in human capital
7- Prioritizing the role of Mediterranean women in the region's economy
8- Fighting youth unemployment and stimulating entrepreneurial and innovative spirit
9- Promoting a Mediterranean Erasmus
10- To promote arbitration and mediation in the Mediterranean region
11- Encouraging public-private collaboration in the region
12- Encouraging the contribution of diasporas
13- Promoting a Mediterranean financial instrument for development
14- Improving access to financing
15- Attracting private investment and integrating environmental, social and governance factors into investments
16- Building sustainable and interconnected health systems in the Mediterranean
17- Embarking on the digital and innovation era in the Mediterranean
18- Accelerating the green economy
19- Consolidating the blue economy
20- Promoting Mediterranean industrial ecosystems
21- Supporting social and solidarity economy enterprises in the Mediterranean region
22- To bail out the traditional economic sectors of the Mediterranean: textile, food processing, automotive, tourism, etc.
23- Promoting the integrated and multimodal transport network in the Mediterranean
24- Moving towards sustainable tourism
25- Developing the Euro-Mediterranean energy market

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