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BLUE PLAN reports
Plan Bleu is one the Regional Activity Centres of the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), put in place by France since 1977.
His missions are : Observing environment and development to enlighten decision makers / Shaping possible futures for sustainable development / Monitoring the implementation of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development / Integrating climate change as a priority / Supporting the transition towards a green and blue economy / Shedding socio-economic light for the appropriate management of Mediterranean resources

Regional workshop: Human impacts on Mediterranean marine ecosystems and the economy - 04/11/2018

Published in April 2018. Written by Hilmi Nathalie, Lafitte Antoine, Allemand Denis, Ferrier-Pages Christine, Reynaud Stéphanie, Tambuté Sylvie, Venn Alexander, Cramer Wolfgang, Guiot Joel, Gazeau Fréderic, Petrucelli Chloé, van Klaveren Céline, Highman Laetitia. This document was drafted following a workshop coorganised by the...