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Anima Investment Network innovates with The Next Society

Written by Frédéric Dubessy on Monday, May 22nd 2017 à 11:56 | Read 108 times

A project supported by the European Union but also a federating movement, The Next Society aims to rethink innovation in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean by associating start-ups, sectoral clusters and public/private technology transfer centres.

Emmanuel Noutary, General Delegate of Anima Investment Network, leader of The Next Society (photo: DR)
Emmanuel Noutary, General Delegate of Anima Investment Network, leader of The Next Society (photo: DR)
MEDITERRANEAN. The General Assembly of Anima Investment Network has revised its statutes to reaffirm the positioning of territorial and public economic actors in the Mediterranean.
During this meeting - which took place on Tuesday 16 May 2017 in Athens - the leaders of the platform for economic development in the Mediterranean affirmed their will to open up to Africa and the Middle East.

Based in Marseille, Anima Investment Network had already begun this expansion of its perimeter by participating for two years in AIM Dubai (meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates), then by developing B to B workshops during HubAfrica in 2016 and, more recently, by launching, in February 2017, the European Diafrikinvest programme targeting investments by expatriates in their countries of origin in Morocco, Tunisia but also in Senegal.

In the Greek capital, Anima has also launched The Next Society, which it is leading. "It is a project and a movement that brings together thirty partners from fifteen countries of the European Union and the southern shore. This Do Tank (editor's note: centre for reflection and action) is supported by the EU in the framework of EU4Innovation, of which it is the first initiative," explains Emmanuel Noutary, Anima's general delegate. "The Next Society aims to unleash creativity and innovation, strengthen innovation ecosystems, and try to improve public policies to foster growth companies in the Southern Mediterranean. It is the culmination of several initiatives by Anima and other partners," he continues.

Three programmes for one project

The Next Society partners meeting in Athens (photo: DR)
The Next Society partners meeting in Athens (photo: DR)
The Next Society is based on three programmes. The first is dedicated to start-ups that already have the potential to go international. They will be given support, meetings with investors and the opportunity to participate in various activities. "We want to involve large companies in this project. It can provide them with a breeding ground for innovations," says Emmanuel Noutary.

Next, a cluster will bring together the sectoral clusters of the South to improve their services and capacities. They will be able to forge partnerships with four regions: Catalonia, Piedmont, Wallonia and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. "The idea is to bring start-ups and clusters together at business events to raise their profile in Europe," he says.

Finally, The Next Society will create technology transfer centres outside laboratories and universities with a public/private operation. "There are already about sixty such centres in the southern Mediterranean, but they are very unequal. In Jordan, they are highly developed, whereas in Morocco there are none. This work is done in this country by universities and consultants," he explains.


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