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Algeria committed to energy efficiency

Written by Gérard Tur on Wednesday, March 27th 2019 à 16:05 | Read 865 times

By 2030, Algeria expects to save the equivalent of more than 73M tonnes of oil, thanks to a series of energy efficiency measures. Version française

Algeria committed to energy efficiency

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Inaugurated in November 2018, the Ouargla photovoltaic power plant will supply electricity to nearby oil exploitation (photo: Sonatrach)
Inaugurated in November 2018, the Ouargla photovoltaic power plant will supply electricity to nearby oil exploitation (photo: Sonatrach)
In a speech at a conference on “Energy savings in a context of energy transition – Challenges and opportunities” organized by the Algerian energy agency APRUE in Algiers on 12th March, 2019,  Algerian energy minister Mustapha Guitouni set out his government’s energy saving plan.

The priority target of the plan is local authorities, which consume 80% of the energy produced in Algeria (public lighting, administrative buildings, schools, social housing, mosques…). It also covers the transport, industrial, health and housing sectors.

Algeria wants to replace the diesel predominantly used by public transport and the transport of goods and persons with LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and CNG (compressed natural gas), with 120,000 vehicles expected to be converted every year, more than one million by 2030.

With regard to buildings, the emphasis will be placed on thermal insulation, with local production of suitable insulation materials to fulfil the country’s needs.

The government is also looking at the issue of public lighting, asking local authorities to replace 1.1 million mercury vapour bulbs with LEDs. Contracts have already been signed with 33 local authorities.

Algeria does not give up fossil fuels

The Algerian state is committed to energy transition yet does not intend giving up its abundant fossil fuel reserves. For Mustapha Guitouni, “Putting in place an energy mix is a strategic choice for Algeria.” The country will continue to rely on oil and gas, but will diversify its energy sources by turning massively to wind and solar energy.

To this end, a 40M-Dinar investment programme was signed at the end of 2018. Due to run until 2020, the programme aims to supply 1541 schools and 148 mosques with solar power and to put in place 100,000 street lights fitted with solar panels.

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