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Algeria authorises maritime transport of passengers with France and Spain

The ENTMV ships are about to set sail again. Photo DR
The ENTMV ships are about to set sail again. Photo DR
ALGERIA/FRANCE/SPAIN. On Tuesday 12 October, the Algerian Ministry of Transport announced the resumption of maritime links operated by ENTMV between Algeria, France and Spain.

The national maritime passenger transport company will reopen the Oran/Alicante and Algiers/Alicante lines as of 21 October. Then it will reopen Marseille from Algiers on 1 November.

Algeria had stopped its international maritime links in March 2020 to fight against the Covid epidemic.

Last September, ENTMV employees organised a sit-in to demand the reopening of maritime lines and the payment of their salaries. They were protesting against the resumption of air traffic while their company's ships had to remain in port. The closure of the borders caused Algeria Ferries, a subsidiary of ENTMV, to lose €88 million.

Gérard Tur

Thursday, October 14th 2021

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