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Algeciras aims to defend its title as the “Port of the Mediterranean”

Written by Francis Matéo, in BARCELONA on Friday, April 24th 2015 à 09:15 | Read 1592 times



The Port of Algeciras aims to maintain its leading position in goods handling in the Mediterranean by reaching 100 million tonnes this year.

(photo APBA)
(photo APBA)
SPAIN. 95 million tonnes (Mt) of goods passed through the port of Algeciras in 2014. This represents a 5% increase on the previous year but with a slightly lower turnover of €80 million (compared to €83.6 million in 2013). Net income followed the same trend and fell from €36.8 million to €20 million. Despite this, the President of the Algeciras Bay Port Authority (ABPA) Manuel Moron stands by his forecasts: “I am convinced that we can become the first Spanish port to exceed 100 million tonnes of goods this year. Our financial situation is very healthy so we are in a strong position for making investments.”

Most of these financial commitments are focused on the development of the new Outer Green Island container terminal, which has a budget of €21.5 million. The port is also relying on its proximity to the African continent to boost ro-ro traffic and take full advantage of the increasing importance of the Tanger Med port. 47,773 lorries were transported across the “Motorways of the Sea” from ABPA in 2014, including 39,996 on the Algeciras-Tanger Med line.

Reinforcing land and train connections

(photo APBA)
(photo APBA)
The public service contract between Algeciras and Ceuta was renewed for another two years and should rekindle ro-ro trades across the Strait of Gibraltar, which fell by 1.4% in 2014. The company Balearia operates the link with the Spanish enclave in Morocco and benefits from a government subsidy of €3.9 million.

The Port of Algeciras now has to strengthen its land and rail connections to maintain its geographical advantage and position as the “Gateway to the Mediterranean”. However, its rail access suffers from a lack of infrastructures. “No effort has been made over the past three years to upgrade the rail connection to Bobadilla,” complains Manuel Moron. He lays the blame squarely on the government which is the chief contractor is this area. These developments are crucial for integrating the European Union’s Trans-European Transport Network. ABPA also needs them urgently to widen its hinterland and position itself on the extended Saint-Nazaire-Vigo shipping route between Africa and the northern Iberian Peninsula.

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