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Alba Leasing offers €980m of financing to Italian SMEs with the help of the EIB

Italian SMEs to benefit from nearly €1m in funding (photo: EIB)
Italian SMEs to benefit from nearly €1m in funding (photo: EIB)
ITALY. Italian companies will be able to benefit from €980m in additional financial resources on advantageous terms thanks to an agreement between the European Investment Bank (EIB) and Alba Leasing*.

The operation was carried out via securitisation financing (subscription of senior and mezzanine securities from Alba Leasing's loan portfolio) for a total amount of €490 million, carried out by the EIB for €440 million and the European Investment Fund (EIF) for €50 million. Alba Leasing doubles the amount to €980 million.

These sums should enable 8,000 local SMEs and Eti with fewer than 3,000 employees to benefit from leasing from the Italian leasing finance specialist for their investment projects in all economic sectors. 20% of the resources will nevertheless be reserved for operations concerning the environment, i.e. in the fields of energy efficiency, energy production from renewable sources, measures to conserve natural resources (agriculture, livestock farming, public and private transport, waste collection and treatment, operations to reduce emissions and the impact of climate change).

Two thirds of the nearly €1m will go to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with fewer than 250 employees.
The projects (purchase of installations, equipment, cars and other motor vehicles for professional use, machinery, existing or new buildings, etc.) will be 100% financed, with a maximum of €12.5 million for each leasing operation.

*Alba Leasing (13,000 contracts signed for a total of €1.5bn in 2019) is owned by Banco BPM (39.19%), BPER Banca (33.5), Banco Popolare di Sondrio (19.26%) and Credito Valtellinese (8.05%).


Eric Apim

Monday, October 19th 2020

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