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Agreement between Hamas and Israel to end the exchange of fire


Agreement between Hamas and Israel to end the exchange of fire
The Iron Dome system in Ashdod intercepts a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip (Photo: Israel Defense Forces)
ISRAEL / PALESTINE. Hamas decided, Monday evening, August 31, 2020, to end the exchange of fire with Israel almost daily throughout the month of August. The Palestinian Islamist movement, which governs the Gaza Strip, said in a statement that "after dialogues and various contacts, the latest with Qatar's envoy Mohammed el-Emadi, an agreement was reached to contain the escalation and end the Zionist aggression against our people".

The latent war of bombing of Gaza by Israel in retaliation for the launching of incendiary balloons and kites and rockets from the Palestinian enclave should no longer disturb the Israeli and Palestinian nights.

This agreement will also reduce the blockade of the Gaza Strip with the reopening of the Kerem Shalom goods crossing. The import of fuel will also be able to resume to ensure the supply of the only power plant in Gaza, which had been forced to close due to Israeli reprisals on supplies.

Frédéric Dubessy

Tuesday, September 1st 2020

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