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According to the UN, the pandemic is fed by instability in Palestine

Written by Eric Apim on Tuesday, October 27th 2020 à 17:36 | Read 260 times

Covid-19 adds to the difficulties of the Palestinians - Here a market in the old city of Jerusalem - (photo: UNDP/Ahed Izhiman)
Covid-19 adds to the difficulties of the Palestinians - Here a market in the old city of Jerusalem - (photo: UNDP/Ahed Izhiman)
MIDDLE EAST. Speaking Monday, October 26, 2020 in New York before the UN Security Council, Nickolay Mladenov "encouraged the use of preventive diplomacy to avoid escalation of violence and war in Gaza, to improve the economic, social and health situation, and to modernize economic relations between Israel and Palestine," as stated in a statement.

The UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process calls on the international community to commit to "help restore credible negotiations towards a two-state solution". While specifying that "the leadership of the Israeli and Palestinian authorities was necessary to resolve the situation". He notes, to deplore it, "the construction by Israel of 5,000 housing units, 85% of which are located outside the legal zone". Nickolay Mladenov speaks of "an act of colonization that undermines the two-state solution, provokes population displacements and the demolition of structures and hinders a rapprochement between the two parties".

This intervention coincides with the increase of restrictions in the Gaza Strip by Israel and the establishment of the state of emergency in the Palestinian territories. And while the Palestinian Authority has refused economic and social coordination with Israel.

Nickolay Mladenov also mentioned Covid-19 in Palestine. "The pandemic feeds on instability and develops in the absence of a coherent and coordinated approach to contain it," he pointed out. In September 2020, had already evoked this danger.
"The UN will continue to advocate for increased cooperation in response to the health emergency, including urging the parties to work together to mitigate risks, save lives and avoid unilateral actions that undermine these efforts," Nickolay Mladenov continued.

The UN has already provided more than 100,000 tests, dozens of respirators and oxygen therapy machines to the Gaza Strip. But, the Coordinator insists that his organization "cannot take over the responsibilities of the Palestinian and Israeli authorities," and therefore can only perform this task on a temporary basis. 


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