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AFD and the Sahara and Sahel Observatory sign an agreement to combat water stres

AFD and OSS commit to a partnership to combat climate change and water stress (photo: Kouraich Jaouahdou/AFD)
AFD and OSS commit to a partnership to combat climate change and water stress (photo: Kouraich Jaouahdou/AFD)
NORTH AFRICA / FRANCE. The Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS) and the French Development Agency (AFD) initialled a partnership agreement on Thursday 5 November 2020 in Tunis to implement a regional initiative on "water stress and climate change in North Africa. It falls within the framework of the Public and Citizen Policy Dialogue Support Facility financed by AFD.

It aims to "feed public policy dialogue in the region (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia) for a period of eighteen months and to encourage knowledge sharing on a regional scale on the issues and solutions to address these challenges", states an OSS press release.

The region "is already suffering the effects of climate change with exacerbated water stress, falling agricultural yields and an increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme events", an AFD press release states. A report by the Mediterranean Network of Experts on Environment and Climate Change (MedeCC) warned in October 2019 that the zone is facing a rate of temperature increase that is 20% higher than global averages and could reach +2.2° as early as 2040 and even +3.8° in 2100.

This partnership will lead to the production of synthesis documents by country and on a regional scale and the publication of research documents in AFD's collections. "By working on shared issues, the initiative should foster exchanges, knowledge sharing, the dissemination of good practices and innovative solutions that are conducive to achieving sustainable development objectives such as access to water, food security, the preservation of natural resources and the fight against climate change. It will use existing channels of dialogue and link up with other initiatives already deployed on these themes", underlines Julie Gonnet, in charge of the program at AFD's regional management in North Africa.

A high-level exchange workshop will take stock of this partnership in Tunis in June 2021. "It will mainly target and involve decision-makers in the countries concerned as well as civil servants at high decision-making levels working in sectoral but also cross-cutting ministries as well as the scientific community, civil society and the private sector", unveils AFD.

Frédéric Dubessy

Friday, November 6th 2020

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