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AFD and Morocco initial two agreements on social protection and gender equality

Written by Eric Apim on Thursday, December 9th 2021 à 14:40 | Read 480 times

France strengthens its partnership with Morocco on social protection and gender equality (photo: AFD)
France strengthens its partnership with Morocco on social protection and gender equality (photo: AFD)
MOROCCO / FRANCE. Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and the Moroccan Ministry of the Economy and Finance signed two agreements on Tuesday 7 December 2021 for a total of €200 million (2.08 billion Moroccan dirhams). The first concerns support for the generalisation of compulsory health insurance (AMO) in Morocco. The second consists of support for Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB).

150 million (1.56 billion dirhams) will be provided by France to support Morocco in the generalisation of AMO and the strengthening of its health system. This sum is in support of the social protection reform underway in the Kingdom. It will help reduce "inequalities in access to health care by supporting the integration of 22 million additional people into the Compulsory Health Insurance scheme, thus aiming to achieve universal health coverage", states an AFD press release.

Part of the budget will be allocated to strengthening the health care offer at the national level and via specific mechanisms (coordinated care path, e-health tools) in two Moroccan regions.

Morocco, a pioneer in Gender Responsive Budgeting

In parallel to this €150M loan, the French State is providing a €4M (41.78 million dirhams) grant so that the actors in this reform can benefit from the advice of Expertise France, the French public technical cooperation agency (AFD Group).

The second agreement of €50 million (MAD 522 million) concerns the institutionalization and operationalization of the GRB, in the framework of the elaboration and implementation of the State budget. With the support of the European Union and UN Women, it aims to reduce gender inequalities by orienting public policies and budgets to benefit Moroccan men and women equally. Already in 2019, AFD had granted €100M to the country to finance the implementation of GRB. AFD notes "progress in this process under the guidance of the Centre of Excellence for Gender Budgeting of the Ministry of Economy and Finance". According to the French agency, "Morocco is a pioneer country" in this area.

Read the AFD report "Economic costs of gender inequalities in the Moroccan labor market " (en français)

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