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A multi-criteria analytical tool for the future of fishing

Written by Michel Neumuller avec le Plan Bleu on Friday, November 2nd 2012 à 09:59 | Read 542 times

The latest Plan Bleu report on fisheries and aquaculture activities in the Mediterranean, presents an overview of these sectors. It is part of a coordinated set of dynamic investigations aimed at a better understanding of the sustainability of maritime economic activities in this sensitive region.

A French person consumes 35 kg seafood per year against 5 for an Algerian (MN)
A French person consumes 35 kg seafood per year against 5 for an Algerian (MN)
MEDITERRANEAN. The Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP), governed by the Barcelona Convention is committed to the progressive implementation of an ecosystem approach involving greater attention on socio-economic aspects.  A recent report by the Plan Bleu for the Mediterranean reflects this change 
This analysis of economic activities in the Mediterranean – fisheries and aquaculture sectors, by international expert, Jacques Sacchi, takes stock of the fishing issue – which has resources throughout the Mediterranean basin.  “This work is also an analytical tool that can be used in the future by other experts”,explains Didier Sauzade, Marine Officer at Plan Bleu  ”.  “Until now they had to do the job of collecting data, then build their analytical tools”. 
In addition to a previous report on Mediterranean fisheries , this paper reports on human resources and fishing equipment in the Mediterranean; of its 82,000 ships, more than 80% are for small-scale fishing and some 587,000 people earn their living in a sector that has less and less manufacturing.  It also reports on consumption practices.  Did you know that a French person consumes on average 35 kg of seafood per year, and an Algerian eats seven times less?  And the economic importance of a sector, whose development is impacting the fishery resource, is valued at $6.25 billion (€5 billion) but is in turn, impacted by the state of the latter.  
In order to nest data on the state of the environment, society, employment and fisheries, into the analytical shaker are mixed the future of the blue fin tuna, the Posidonia meadows, along with the ‘artificialisation’ of the coastline, water pollution and the employment needs of the coastal regions, to reveal an exciting dynamic for understanding the environment and socio-economic issues. 

Agreement in Marrakech

Interdependent fishing and fishery resource (XDR)
Interdependent fishing and fishery resource (XDR)
On 14th May 2012, in Marrakech, MAP representatives and theGeneral Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean  (GFCM), decided to increasingly work in a more coordinated manner. 
MoUs were signed with various organisations “who had mandates and similar interests”.  The ecosystem approach to the Mediterranean that we will all encourage will be “a rich mixture of elements reacting reciprocally in important ways”, according to the Marrakech Agreement.  
 “It is in this spirit of cooperation and coordination that the Plan Bleu tries to be relevant; situating its work within the agendas of the Action Plan for the Mediterranean”, says Didier Sauzade. This report on fishing may well be part of a series of studies that equally concern the services provided by ecosystems, urban growth, investment in tourism, the forest economy and the value of water resources. 

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