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“A customised logistics service”

By Leonardo Caneppele, importer of Italian wines into Spain

Written by Leonardo Caneppele on Monday, February 20th 2012 à 08:55 | Read 1081 times



By Leonardo Caneppele, importer of Italian wines into Spain

Leonardo Caneppele
Leonardo Caneppele
When I decided to leave my job in the communication sector in Italy and explore new pastures in Spain, in Barcelona in fact, I also made the decision to set out on a professional adventure in a sector which I am passionate about: wine. 

After a quick market study with my partner Alberto Simoncini we thought there was a market for Italian wines in Barcelona, most notably among the numerous restaurants serving Italian food, but also among a wider audience generally only aware of a few famous names sold by the large retailers. That’s how we started up our business importing Italian wines into Spain, and thus was born our shop, which we called L’Enoteca d’Italia, in the district of Gracia in Barcelona. 

This also gave us the opportunity in Catalonia to promote the small Italian growers not producing sufficient volume to make a name for themselves on the export markets. 

To start with we selected about thirty areas, small in size, but worthy of note in terms of the quality of their wine. Obviously, taking into account the variety of winegrowing regions and the selective level of production we are looking for, we need a customised logistics service to take care of transport direct from the grower’s estate all the way to our shop; this is the price of what is sometimes an exclusive policy, because we were the first to introduce certain Italian wines to the Spanish market, such as Alto Adige for example. We are also the only distributor to export Centopassi, a wine produced on land in Sicily confiscated by the authorities from the Mafia. 

Thus we use a variety of methods of transport, by road, or making use of the short sea shipping links between the port of Barcelona and Italy, from Civitavecchia, Genoa, Leghorn or Port Torres. 

But let’s be careful: logistics shouldn’t just be seen as an optional extra! We don’t have the means to put in place a logistics organisation of our own right now, but we need freight transport partners who understand our specific requirements as specialists. 

And who are themselves specialists capable of adapting their logistics services to our specialist range, obviously preserving the quality of the wine, but perhaps also providing original shipment solutions which as it were enlarge the stories told by our wines. And this specialisation will be even more important with our planned development of online distribution. 

Special issue : Ensuring the logistical safety and security of Mediterranean wines

En français : La logistique des vins méditerranéens

Special issue in partnership with Vinisud  

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