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A case of corruption at the highest level in Tunisia

Written by Gérard Tur on Tuesday, December 22nd 2020 à 17:10 | Read 765 times

Sviluppo Risorse Ambientali Srl is located in the south of Italy (photo: Sviluppo Risorse Ambientali Srl)
Sviluppo Risorse Ambientali Srl is located in the south of Italy (photo: Sviluppo Risorse Ambientali Srl)
TUNISIA/ITALY. The scandal was denounced as early as November 2020 by a private Tunisian television channel. According to the investigation of investigative journalists, the Tunisian company Soreplast imports 120,000 tons of waste each year, including dangerous hospital products. Despite attempts at cover-up, the affair now splashes twenty-three high-ranking Tunisian political and administrative officials. At least 282 containers of hazardous waste would have been illegally exported in 2020 from Italy to the port of Sousse, Tunisia.
Mustapha Aroui, Minister of the Environment, executives of the Ministry of Environment and Customs, and the director of the National Agency for Waste Recycling were placed in custody Monday, December 21, 2020. The Tunisian justice would have issued at least eight warrants of committal.
The boss of the Tunisian importing company is on the run. Soreplast has only an authorization to recycle and export industrial plastic waste. According to AFP, it has made a false declaration of import of "post-industrial plastic waste in non-hazardous bales ... to carry out the operations of sorting, recycling and re-export to Europe.
On the Italian side, the sender, Sviluppo Risorse Ambientali Srl, is said to be based in Naples. SRA would have signed a €5 million contract with Soreplast for the disposal of 120,000 tons of garbage.
Tunisia treats only 60% of its waste. "Disposal" therefore often means uncontrolled storage in an open-air landfill.
The 282 containers must theoretically be returned to the sender. Theoretically.
Sviluppo Risorse Ambientali Srl's motto is "together for a better world".



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